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Discover how the Crowd feels about the Crypto Market on Telegram.

Crypto Telegram Sentiment Jul 17, 2024

Trending Coins on Telegram

Using anonymized Data from Crypto Communities across Telegram, we have developed an algorithm which analyzes which Coins are being talked about most, how often the Price or Chart of a Cryptocurrency is being asked for and more.

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The Crypto Sentiment Indicator is powered by CoinTrendzBot, one of the leading Crypto Market Bots on Telegram. The Bot is enhancing Telegram Groups since 2017 and growing each day. If you have any feedback/suggestions about the Sentiment Indicator or about CoinTrendzBot, don't hesitate to contact us @CoinTrendz Temple ⛩!

The Crypto Telegram Sentiment Indicator is a product from CoinTrendzBot measuring the overall Sentiment in the Crypto Space from various sources such as Crypto Communities on Telegram, Price Action and more. Every Day, we analyze and evaluate many different sources to calculate a Sentiment Score from 0-100 to measure if the crowd is rather greedy, fearful or neutral.

The Trending Coins on Telegram Chart analyzes and calculates how often a certain Cryptocurrency is being checked on our Crypto Telegram Bot, CoinTrendzBot. CoinTrendzBot is one of the leading Crypto Price Bots on Telegram, with thousands of Users using it every day to check prices and charts.

The exact calculation behind the Crypto Sentiment Indicator is a secret, but we use many different sources such as the Sentiment on Telegram concerning Cryptocurrencies, the Price Action, overall Market Health, Relative Strength Index and more. We also measure the engagement on Telegram and if people are panicking or taking it easy.

The Crypto Sentiment Indicator is being calculated every day with fresh data. We analyze emotions and sentiment from many different sources and put them into one simple number: The Crypto Telegram Sentiment Indicator.

Absolutely! Feel free to share our Crypto Sentiment Indicator and Trending Coins on Telegram Chart. Just include a link to, so people know where the data is coming from!