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Fetch the price, volume, marketcap of any coin listed on coingecko.


Display a tradingview chart of any given crypo tradingpair on any exchange.

Technical Analysis

Get the technical indicators and analysis on any given coin.

Trading Ideas

Fetch Trading Ideas from Experts on Tradingview.

Crypto Heatmap

Display a pricechange heatmap of the top 500 coins.

Crypto RSI Map

Display an RSI heatmap of the top 500 coins.

Dex Price

Fetch price information directly from your favorite blockchain.

Dex Charts

Display a chart with the price directly from a blockchain

Crypto Volume

Check the Volume change over a specific timeframe.

ATH Price

Fetch the All-Time-High price of any coin.

ATL Price

Fetch the All-Time-Low price of any coin.

Crypto Orderbook

Display the Orderbook Chart of any coin listed on a given exchange.

Bitcoin Dominance

Fetch the Bitcoin Dominance chart.

ATL Price

List the most-trending coins by search volume on coingecko.

Funding Rates

Get the live funding rates on any given market listed on binance.

Open Interest

Fetch the Open Interest from different crypto trading exchanges.

Information Commands

Exchange Listings

Find out on which Exchange any specific Coin from Coingecko is listed.

Coin Description

Get a short description about the coin and project.

Coingecko Trending

List the most-trending coins by search volume on coingecko.

ETH Staking

Check the current staking rewards for staking ethereum tokens.

Bitcoin Halving

Get Stats on the upcoming halving and a Bitcoin Halving Countdown.

ETH Gas Prices

Fetch the current Gas fees/costs to interact on the Ethereum Network.

Crypto Marketcap

Display the overall Crypto Marketcap, Dominance, Volume and more.

Compare Marketcaps

Compare two Coins by Marketcap and calculate the hypothetical price.

RSI Overbought/Oversold

Display the most oversold/overbought coins on coingecko.

Crypto Index

Get the Top 10 cryptocurrencies sorted by marketcap.

Best Performers

Fetch the best price performers.

Worst Performers

Fetch the worst price performers.

Crypto Sentiment

Display a Sentiment chart on the overall crypto market.

Crypto News

Fetch the latest and hottest News about any coin.

Crypto Events

See the upcoming Events on any coin.


Fetch the latest/hottest Reddit posts about any given subreddit.

Stock Commands

Stock Charts

Get a tradingview stock chart in your desired timeframe with technical indicators and more.

Stock Prices

Fetch Price Information, Dividend Yield and more of any stock / etf.

RSI Alerts

Display the Stock Market Trading hours and find out which exchange is open/closed.

FED Calendar

Fetch the most important FED Events like CPI,PPI & FOMC.

Forex Rates

Display the live forex rates of the most traded international currencies.

Fun Commands

Crypto Memes

Fetch a random crypto-related Meme, just for fun.

GIF Animation

Display a random GIF Animation.

Inspirational Quotes

Fetch a random inspirational quote to motivate you for the day.

Fun Jokes

Display a random joke and have a laugh.

Random Drink

Use this command to generate a random cocktail or drink.

Pro Commands

Price Alerts

Set price alerts on any coin and get notified once it hits your desired price.

RSI Alerts

Set RSI alerts and get notified when a coin hits oversold/overbought.

Watchlist Alerts

Create a Watchlist and get notified on price changes.

Trades Summary

Fetch the biggest trades on any coin from binance.

Big Whale Orders

Check out the biggest orders on any coin on binance.

Futures Liquidations

Fetch the biggest short/long liqudations from binance.

Google Trends Chart

Fetch a search-volume chart of any cryptocurrencies/words.

Analyze Orderbook

Quickly analze any orderbook and find out if it has more sells/buys.

Long/Short Ratio

Display the Long/Short ratio and see if its balanced.

TA Analyzed by AI

ChatGPT analyzes the Technical Indicators of any coin.

AI Trading Strategy

Let ChatGPT generate a Trading Strategy for you.

AI Summary PDF/Website

Get a AI-generated Summary of any website/pdf/whitepaper.

ChatGPT Sarcasm

Reply to a message with a sarcastic comment.

Shortcut Commands

Create shortcuts to your most-used commands, so its quicker to use.

Self-Destruct Messages

Keep the groupchat clean and auto-delete any bot-messages older than 1min.